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We currently have a male breeder available. He is 1 year old. He is a CPC male carrying chocolate and lilac. He is also a non-sprayer gets along great with other cats, dogs, and children. He is Championed also. If you are interested in this boy email me and I will send pictures and a pedigree.

    Commitment on Kittens

All breeder and show quality kittens will be sold with a contract before they leave home. Contracts are for the kittens protection and none will be sold without a contract. Breeder and show quality kittens are available by reservation. Kittens sold as family pets come with a spay/neuter agreement and an indoor only clause. Please, tell me whether you are looking for a pet or if you are a fancier looking for breeder or show quality. Also, let me know little about yourself, your breeding or show experience, goals, location you live and show in, what organization(s) you show in or plan to show in, etc. I am selective at where my babies go to, I want them all to go to great homes first and foremost. If you are looking for a cheap kitten for showing or breeding I cannot help you, I don't have any. All of our kittens will meet and most will exceed the CFA show standards of the Persian breed, though we will have pet kittens available from time to time.

Only Deposits Will Reserve A Kitten

Deposits are non-refundable. We can not guarantee the success of a kitten's show career. We do expect that if you purchase a kitten for show that you present that kitten to the best of your ability and show it well. Deposits are considered payment for boarding, grooming and lost opportunities for placement if the buyer changes their mind for any reason other than defined in the contract.

    I reserve the right to refuse to sell any kitten.


All of our kittens are priced by quality: breeder, breeder/show, top show, & pets. If the kitten you choose is show quality and you want it for a pet you will pay the show/alter price. Please email for prices of kittens.

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